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Sid Meier's Pirates

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Sail the Caribbean, marauding all on the high seas or ally your ship and crew as a privateer in search of riches - the life you choose is up to you. Face dogged enemies, raid unsuspecting villages, woo fair maidens, avoid capture or dig for buried treasure. Discover what it takes to become one of the most famous pirates in history!

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Pirates! offers players the chance to take on the role of a privateer the in Caribbean. From here, the game is pretty much up to you. You can get involved in trading, treasure hunting, ship fights, town assaults, duels and all manner of other activities. The game is wonderfully episodic and presents a variety of opportunities to the player based on context. You pick your nationality from Spanish, English, French and Dutch, a starting date, and a special talent, such as sword fighting or ship handling. Once you've created a captain, you're given a ship and a few men and tasked with charting your own course through the waters of the Caribbean and the sometimes stormier sea of European politics. Based on Sid Meier's 1987 hit of the same name.

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    * Experience an all-new story built upon the most fun and compelling features of the original Pirates! game
    * Live out multiple quests through a non-linear, open life timeline where every decision poses distinct challenges and possibilities
    * Witness the consequences of your actions in current events throughout the Pirates! world
    * Battle, overtake and command 27 different ship types, enhanced with assorted ammo, cannon and other upgrades
    * Take on various foes including merchant and military captains, ferocious pirates, evil gentry and even rival suitors -- each with different skills and abilities
    * Confront enemies on board ships, in seedy taverns, on the ramparts and even at the Governor's mansion Wield weapons -- or anything within your reach -- as you fence against foes
    * Engage in fierce naval battles fighting single enemies or multiple ships
    * Sneak into towns, escape out of prisons, navigate around adversaries and surprise unsuspecting vessels Dispatch landing parties of buccaneers in strategic battles to take over entire cities
    * Increase your riches and impress the governor's daughter with your charm, fame, heroism -- even your dancing abilities
    * Collect items (swords, spyglasses, armor, hats, coats, etc.) that improve skills or provide other new benefits and view them in a new inventory system Enhance your gameplay experience with downloadable content including flags, sail emblems, character skins and more

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Pirates! Download Minimum System Requirements

    * Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
    * Pentium 1.0 GHz or higher
    * 256 MB RAM
    * 1.2 GB Free
    * 64 MB video card with Hardware T&L support device should be compatible with DirectX version 9.0b or higher.
    * Windows 98/Me/2000/XP-compatible sound card (device should be compatible with DirectX version 9.0b or higher.)
    * DirectX version 9.0b or higher

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Genre : Strategy
Year : 2005

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