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MathCad 14

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Mathcad is an integrated environment for performing and communicating maths-related work. It combines a powerful computational engine, accessed through conventional maths notation, with a full-featured word processor and graphing tools. Mathcad automates many tasks, including unit balancing and recalculation, saving you time and reducing errors. Expert documentation, sample applications and context-sensitive Help ensure you complete projects quickly and communicate the results effectively.

Here are some of the key features which make Mathcad the technical calculation software of choice for engineers and scientists all over the world:

    * Comprehensive mathematical functionality including dynamic, unit-aware calculations and hundreds of built-in functions
    * Instant recalculation whenever you change a variable
    * Easy to use help features plus guided tutorials for all operations
    * Integrated standard mathematical notation, text and graphics - all contained in a single worksheet
    * Easy integration with other applications, including Pro/ENGINEER and PTC’s Product Development System, VisSim, MATLAB and Excel.
    * An intuitive, whiteboard interface that lets you simultaneously design, solve and document engineering calculations
    * Comprehensive document formatting and security features
    * Open architecture supporting .NET and native XML format

In a parametric modeling system, you must plug in numbers to control your sketches. That in turn allows you to control and change your model. But where do you get your numbers? Many times, you can measure parts with which your new model will mate. Other times, you've got to come up with numbers to describe the length, width, height or whatever is important to the function of the part you're designing. If those numbers aren't given to you, you'll need to figure them yourself—and that means calculations. You know, math.

Math programs can appear intimidating at first glance (and sometimes second and third glance, too), but Mathcad 14.0 tries to minimize that. Users work with worksheets in a whiteboard design environment that looks a bit like Microsoft Word. Mathcad 14.0 was designed for engineers and has more than 400 math functions for statistics, differentials, calculus and other functions. If you're accustomed to using spreadsheets for your calculations, you know how cryptic they can get when documenting equations. Mathcad 14.0 is different. Each operation is detailed in plain view so you can track everything. If a mistake occurs, it's easier to find it, especially because Mathcad 14.0 will flag errors and actually explain what's wrong.

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Traditional CAD geometry captures what a design is supposed to look like. Mathcad 14.0 shows why it should look like it does. Mathcad 14.0 captures engineering intent in a way that traditional CAD programs can't. You can combine text, live math, graphics and annotations in one worksheet with unprecedented detail. You can import and use Excel data directly. Direct links to outside files reduce typographical errors. ( Mathcad 14.0 can tie Pro/E variables to Mathcad.

Mathcad 14.0 lets you set variables in your equations and reuse them wherever you want. You can copy and paste images into and out of Mathcad 14.0 to enliven your calculation output (or to put a picture to a difficult concept). You can compare worksheets to see what changes have been made. You can convert worksheets to Microsoft Word to share with others. Mathcad 14.0 has on-the-fly unit conversion, so if you are entering data in English measurements and the worksheet is already set for metric units, Mathcad 14.0 will make the conversion for you. (Wow, NASA could use something like that.) Mathcad 14.0 will even track what you're doing and use derived units to keep your work straight. That means if you are entering data in kilograms and meters per second, it will know that the answer should be given in newtons.

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