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Genie Timeline Professional

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Genie Timeline Professional 2.1_ 100% Working+keygen~Single Link
Continuous Data Backup,Keep All Your Backups Up-To-Date With This Software[/B]

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File Size : 146.03MB

Genie Timeline Professional is a continuous data backup software application that will constantly back up all the

files, data and information you need to keep safe. After installing the data protection program you'll be walked

through the setup with a series of wizards that will help you select the files you want to back up; it will even

help you decide where to place the backed-up files. Genie Timeline Professional stands out from the competition

because it is so simple to use and has a large variety of features that will help you manage and recover your


Disaster Recovery
Restore your system and data even if your operating system no longer loads. You are given the option to create a

bootable startup disk in a virtual partition, USB drive, or ISO image.

Intelli Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
Data is continuously backed up depending on file types. Genie Timeline intelligently backs up files, such as

documents, more frequently than large virtual images.

You are also given the ability to set the time interval between each backup.

Manage the link between your mobile devices and your computer. Genie Timeline creates automatic continuous backups

of all the synced files between your iPhone/iPad/iPod or BlackBerry device and your computer. Genie Timeline

constantly checks for changes or additions on your synced files and backs them automatically giving you mobile

data security.

iPhone/iPad monitor
Download this application from the iTunes app store and link up to your backup created on your computer by Genie

Timeline, get your backup status and detailed information about your backup status directly to your iPhone or


Go back in time with Genie Timeline and recover old files, whether through Timeline explorer or the search


Genie Timeline saves past versions of your documents which you can revert back to easily.

Block Level Backup
Using block level technology, Genie Timeline determines and backs up only new and modified sections of files;
saving both time and space.

Genie Timeline runs on different modes depending on usage. You can choose to run in Smart mode which slows down or

speeds up according to CPU usage or Turbo mode which runs at fastest speed.

Power Saving mode slows down Timeline when on the go and Game/Movie mode pauses backup while playing a game or

watching a movie.

Data Types
Backup a wide variety of data such as E-mails, Documents, Desktop, Office files, eBooks, Bookmarks, Pictures,

Videos & Music as well as your iPhone/iPad/iPod and BlackBerry Smartphone. Moreover, if the data type is not

included in the smart selections page you can always use the filters and add any extension you desire.

Backup Breakdown
Capacity and distribution of data types are displayed in informative charts. You can easily get a clear picture

and understand details of what is being backed up.

Merges with Windows
Genie Timeline is merged into Windows. You can add/exclude files, or view deleted files and all versions with a

simple right click.

Timeline also integrates a slider into the familiar folder view, where you can easily roll back your data to any

point in time.

Native Backups
On any PC, you have the ability to access any version of backed up files without the need of Genie Timeline


Email Notifications
Receive information including notifications, errors, and warnings about your backup directly to your inbox.

Plug‘n Backup
On the go? Timeline monitors changes. It will automatically resume when reconnected to the backup drive; no need

to even push a button.

Protect and secure your data with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption.

Posted Image
1) This image shows the Genie Timeline Professional software uses a few simple steps to setup the data backup


[img width=600 height=480]http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb376/vbsumon/genie/2.jpg[/img]
2) This image shows the Genie Timeline Professional a terrific interface that is extremely simple to use.

[img width=600 height=480]http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb376/vbsumon/genie/3.jpg[/img]
3) This image shows the Genie Timeline Professional software has some intricate security features and options.

[img width=600 height=480]http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb376/vbsumon/genie/4.jpg[/img]
4) This image shows the Genie Timeline Professional. This continuous data backup software has an extraordinary

timeline feature that will track all updates made.

[img width=600 height=480]http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb376/vbsumon/genie/5.jpg[/img]
5) This image shows the Genie Timeline Professional. This continuous data backup software will help guard against

viruses and it will help you know when your files are best protected.

[img width=600 height=480]http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb376/vbsumon/genie/6.jpg[/img]
6) This image shows the Genie Timeline Professional. The continuous data backup software can backup data to your

hard drive or an external device.

[img width=600 height=480]http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb376/vbsumon/genie/7.jpg[/img]
7) This image shows the Genie Timeline Professional. This continuous data backup software can keep secure all your

files, folders and programs.

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