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Navitel Navigator 5

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Navitel Navigator v., WinCE5 (PNA) to off. CIS cards + Eastern Europe + Obz | 4.41 GB

Navitel Navigator - a unique and accurate navigation system that includes detailed navigational maps of countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia with detailed street and road network and complete targeted plan, and also free services "Navitel.Probki" and "Navitel.SMS."

Plotted on maps of thousands of points of POI (gas station, traffic police, cafes, restaurants, motels, hotels, etc.) and also includes information about the location of surveillance cameras for speed and sleeping policemen (SPEEDCAM). Navitel Navigator allows you to use the amateur card, skins, voice (off. voice packets), spidkamy, POI, created and updated by the users.

System requirements:
Operatsionnayaya system: Windows CE 5 (correct work on WinCE6 not guaranteed) Under WinCE6 Avtoversiya here
Resolutions: 240 x 240 320 x 240 (QVGA), 400 Ч 240 (WQVGA), 480 Ч 320 (HVGA), 640 Ч 480 (VGA), 800 Ч 480 (WVGA);
Processor: from 256MGts
RAM: 64 MB of

Coverage: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia.
Overview map of the whole of Europe. Includes all cities of all countries in Europe without a highly detailed, and all major transit line within the European countries and between them.

List of changes Navitel

- Improved construction of routes, taking into account the options "to avoid reversals."
- Improved accuracy of routing with maps Navitel Release Q2-2011.
- Fixed the search history in trial mode Navitel Navigator.
- Adapted search for objects POI on the map.
- Fixed map update options from Navitel Navigator, which offers re-download the latest version of cards.

Current version of the maps:

Russia Q1 2011 (6/21/2011)
Ukraine Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Belarus Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Kazakhstan Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Finland Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Lithuania Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Latvia Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Estonia Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Poland Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Czech Republic Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Slovakia Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Overview map of the whole of Europe Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Total: 12 cards

Installation instructions:

1) Copy the contents of Flash
2) Run Mobilenavigator / Mobilenavigator.exe or Mobilenavigator / navigator_taskmgr.exe or Mobilenavigator / Original.exe (depending on your browser.)
Solving problems
Solving problems
1) Do not run
If your browser does not start choosing the path of the program, see hint here:
Paths run on different Navitel devaysa,
then rename Mobilenavigator.exe and Mobilenavigator.mscr in XXX.exe and XXX.mscr respectively.
2) Bugs with the interface (small labels, buttons)
If your navigator high resolution (800 x 480 or 640 * 480), when you start you can be faced with incorrect display of the interface. Need to switch the settings to correct the skin Navitel: Settings-> More-> Interface-> Ckin-> Navitel_HD.ns2 (NavitelContent/Skin/Navitel_HD.ns2)
3) Do not display information on a map, only the main roads
- If you use one of the maps of Eastern Europe (including Belarus and Ukraine) to index it along with the survey map of Europe (EU20110902.nm3),
For automatic indexing program card, you must store them in NavitelContent / Maps /
- Check the license file in NavitelContent / License / NaviTel Activation Key.txt
- If to you the Atlantic Ocean, the Search -> Country -> City -> Search
4) Do not know how \ where \ .. Navitel than do \ set \ smash,
Read the manual / NavitelNavigator5_AUTO_RUS.pdf

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