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GeeXboX 2.0 [x86, x86-64, arm] (4xCD)

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GeeXboX 2.0 [x86, x86-64, arm] (4xCD) | 274MB

After two years of development saw the release of a specialized Linux-distro GeeXBoX 2.0, designed to create a media center and home theater systems. Distribution is developed since 2002 and is based on its own assembly tools. Booting from USB-drive or SD-card, GeeXboX offers ready-to-use media center that allows you to view and listen to all types of media content (audio, video, pictures) from multiple sources (CD, DVD, Bluray, HDD, USB, Samba, NFS, UPnP , DLNA, HTTP, FTP, SHOUTcast). GeeXBoX 2.0 is represented in the assemblies for architecture x86, ARM TI OMAP4 Pandaboard and ARM nVidia Tegra2 Harmony.

Orignal Download Provider --> Freshwap.com

¦ In the new version to replace the simple interface MPlayer OSD it more functional user environment, which will get rid of the main limitations of previous versions - the inability to implement additional functionality. In preparation for the new version was tested a few media centers such as MPUI, Freevo and Enna, but eventually settled on a choice XBMC, functionality and expandability of which were out of competition. GeeXBoX 2.0 is a significant step up from a branch 1.x, the distribution has changed beyond recognition, but the design philosophy remains the same.

¦ As before distribution trying to cover as many types of devices and equipment, delivery is complete compilation of the drivers and codecs. Nevertheless, had to sacrifice some functionality. For example, the supply will not include drivers for the DVB-card (digital TV), analog TV-card is declared obsolete, discontinued support for installing to hard disk (promoted from a USB-boot drive). Generator is no longer supported ISO-images, intended to form their own versions of the distribution.

¦ Additional information

Of the underlying GeeXBoX 2.0 software include:
- Linux kernel
- System Manager Systemd v29
- A set of utilities BusyBox v1.19.2
- Configuration management system for network connections Connman Network Manager 0.76 (developed under the project MeeGo)
- Xorg Server 1.10.3
- Mesa v7.11
- Media Center XBMC Media Center 10.1.

¦ Some features of distribution:

- Support for remote controls;
- Support for access to the media library via NFS, Samba (including automatic search for network drives), UPnP / DLNA, announcing services via ZeroConf, support for HTTP and FTP;
- Ability to view movies and TV-show (with subtitles) to maintain your music collection and archive photographs. Support CDDA, DVD and Bluray. Availability of funds for downloading information from the network services that support metadata and Internet MovieDB TVDB;
- Supports audio output: analog output, SPDIF and HDMI;
- Support for video Intel, nVidia, ATI, Matrox and VIA, including the initiation of acceleration via OpenGL output and acceleration for decoding video card nVidia (VDPAU), Intel (VA-API) and Broadcom Crystal HD.

Title: GeeXboX
Version: 2.0
Latest version: 2.0
Architecture: x86, x86-64, arm
Type of drive: CD

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