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Advanced Uninstaller PRO

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO v.10.5.1 (x32/x64/ENG)


Advanced Uninstaller PRO v.10.5.1 (x32/x64/ENG) - Silent Installation | 19MB

Advanced Uninstaller PRO - tool for a correct and complete removal of software with many additional features. There is a Startup Manager, control module programs that start automatically at boot time, and displays detailed information for each record. There is a registry cleaner, optimizer system resources, defragmentation, backup module, etc. Also, this program allows you to clean cookies, browser history and records more than a hundred programs. Monitor installations tracks changes in the system and allows full "roll back" changes made to the installed program. There is a way to optimize the computer, through the competent management running.

Among the other "goodies" can be noted Search for duplicate files on your hard drive, deleting temporary files, unused shortcuts, tools, clean and optimize registry, remove personal information from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which allows for some anonymity stay online. In addition, an interesting feature controls the fonts installed on the system, with the possibility of a preview. Most operations can automate with the help of a special Task Scheduler. It is very simple - you can assign a task on a certain day of the week at a specified time or the same at the start or shutdown. On any of the operations are detailed reports.

OS: Windows
Language: ENG


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Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.25






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