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Anna (2012)

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'Anna' is an adventure game designed to analyze what the player does and react around his behavior. It features three ending according to how much the character has gone deep into madness. The more you play, the more you find, but to really discover everything, you'll have to lose yourself. With the game, you'll also get the main character�s notepad, giving you more insights on the plot, and the original Soundtrack.

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System Requeriments:

OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
CPU: 2 GHz dual core
Hard disk space: 800 MB
Video Card: 512 MB ;DirectX 9.0 compatible Shader3

Install Notes:

1. download
2. unrar
3. Run the. EXE
4. install

Plataform : PC
Language : English
Format : exe
Size : 395 mb



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Ana (2012)

Posted Image

┌───┐┌─────┐┌─────┐┌─────┐┌─────┐┌─┐┌────┐┌────┐ ┌─┐┌────┐┌────┐
│█┌─┘│█┌─┐█││█┌─┐█││█┌─┐█│└─┐█┌─┘│█││█┌┐█││█┌──┘ │█││█┌──┘│█┌┐█│
│▓└┐ │▓└─┘▓││▓│ │▓││▓└─┘▓│ │▓│ │▓││▓│└─┘│▓└──┐ │▓││▓└──┐│▓││▓│
│▒┌┘ │▒┌─┐▒││▒│ │▒││▒┌─┐▒│ │▒│ │▒││▒│┌─┐└──┐▒│ │▒│└──┐▒││▒││▒│
│░│ │░│ │░││░│ │░││░│ │░│ │░│ │░││░└┘░│┌──┘░│ │░│┌──┘░││░└┘░│
└─┘ └─┘ └─┘└─┘ └─┘└─┘ └─┘ └─┘ └─┘└────┘└────┘ └─┘└────┘└────┘

┌────────────────────────────[ P R E S E N T S ]───────────────────────────┐
│ │
│ Anna © Dreampainters │
│ │
│ Supplied By: A Friend │ Diskettes : 1 CD │
│ Cracked By : A Friend │ Game Type : Adventure │
│ Packaged By: A Friend │ Released On : July 2012 │

Anna is a short adventure game set in and around an old sawmill near
Champoluc and Periasc, a real-world environment we've faithfully
recreated. The game features six, highly detailed locations to explore,
in which your alter ego should navigate a wide range of situations,
ranging from solving puzzles to facing the eerie presences that haunt
the surroundings.

Depending on the mental status of your character (which is determined
by your actions), you're tasked with navigating your way through
ever-changing places along with their well hidden clues, eventually
leading you to one of three possible endings.

At a budget price tag, the game itself has been designed as an
interactive three-hour singleplayer horror experience.

The OST was performed by the budding "Chantry" gothic band, now on
their 2nd album "Crystal".

The game is a PC exclusive, featuring state-of-the-art models and
shaders that take advantage of the latest technologies available to us
through the power of new developments in graphics hardware.

* A dramatic story with three endings based
on the main character's mental sanity.
* Real time 3D graphic with physically based rendering, tone
mapping, real time ambient occlusion and bloom effects.
* A beautiful soundtrack with some original music
pieces and hundreds of sound effects.
* An original setting in a charmining place:
"D'Ayas Valley" in Valle d'Aosta, Italy.

1.) Install the game
2.) Copy the content from the FANiSO folder to your game installation
3.) Play the game


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