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Afterfall: InSanity - Extended Edition (2012)

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Afterfall: InSanity - Extended Edition (2012)
PC | English | Developer: Intoxicate Studios | Publisher: Nicolas Entertainment Group | 5.12 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Year 2035. Almost twenty years ago citizens of the Republic were forced to seek shelter from the hell unleashed by the Third World War. Most fortunate of them had reserved places in the gigantic Shelters built years before. Now, when the fear of death is only a bitter memory, safety provided by the Shelter's walls has become a damned trap with no way out. It is small wonder that someone finally breaks down and the tiring dream transforms into a haunting nightmare.

In Afterfall: InSanity, the main protagonist, Albert, is a member of the Shelter’s medical team, responsible for mental health of the inhabitants. His specialization is dealing with the so-called “Confinement Syndrome”, but even he is not free of its symptoms. When the hell breaks loose, Albert will have to find answers who and why unleashed it, and discover who really is a friend and foe. He will have to face not only dangers waiting in the darkness, but also his own weakness and fear.

InSanity, as an exemplar survival horror will provide every fan of the genre with a sufficient amount of fear and adrenaline. In claustrophobic atmosphere of underground confinement, with no possibility of escape, shadows hide secrets far more terrifying than insanity that engulfed the Shelter. Albert will face a multitude of riddles, monsters and tough decisions. In his hard mission he will have to give an impressive display of reflexes, logic and deduction.

Enter the game, control your fear, save the inhabitants of the Shelter and find a safe haven…

• High-quality graphics built on Unreal Engine 3
• Engrossing alternative version of history of and after the Second World War, which completely changes the face of post-war Poland and makes Afterfall: InSanity a part of enormous Afterfall universe
• Unexpected plot turns and absolutely surprising ending, totally changing the overall perspective of events
• Developed PDA in which Albert stores information during his adventure, including additional texts from the world of Afterfall
• Innovative QTE and RLH systems
• 9 complex levels, no all of which not take place in the Shelter…
• Realistic physics and system of environment destruction
• Extensive weapons arsenal with myriad types of opponents for thrilling cinematic close and long-range combat
• Dramatic soundtrack further enhancing the dark atmosphere sure to evoke goose bumps and enhancing the tension

Extended Edition:
• An improved dynamic fight system
• Enhanced cutscenes (camera, sound, animations, face FX)
• More elements of psychosis (FearLock)
• Improved facial expressions
• Enhanced sound of both environment and characters
• Added gameplay elements (lvl 4)
• A FreeFight arsenal of fancy new weapons
• Various new automatic save points (checkpoints)
• Optimization of lightning and performance
• More balanced gameplay
• Changes in the narration style
• Technical and gameplay improvements
• A new tutorial system

Recommended System Requirements:
• Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
• Processor: Dual Core processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz
• RAM: 2 GB / 3 GB for Vista / 7
• Hard disk: 8 GB
• Audio device: compatible with DirectX 9.0
• Video: 256 MB of video memory and support for Pixel Shader 3.0 (GeForce 8600GT)

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