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Doc Apocalypse

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Doc Apocalypse | 1.5 Gb
Platform: PC | Developer: Midian Design | Publisher: JustAdventure, LLC.
Languages: English | Genre: Adventure | Release Date: 2012
“Nicknamed“ Doc Apocalypse the brilliant but reclusive scientist Lewis P. Higgins has just finished his revolutionary invention that can control the weather, but when he launches it from a bunker beneath the earth, something goes terribly wrong. A portal inexplicably opens and unleashes an unknown terror on the earth, which is met in force by a hail of nuclear bombs. With much or all of the planet now destroyed, Higgins has only one hope: to engage a temperamental time machine and return eight months to warn his previous self in order to prevent the end of the world."

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Apocalypse, Aliens, New World Order, Illuminati...

Is it possible to control the weather? Is it possible to make it rain on demand or to chase the clouds from the sky? Controlling such things would mean saving the planet from drought, living in a world without hurricanes and storms, always having abundant crops and keeping the glaciers safe.
According to Lewis P. Higgins, this was not fantasy, but reality. He was aware of the fact that the technology he was in the process of completing would, in the wrong hands, be a weapon for the destruction of the human race, but, idealist that he was, he felt he was working for a good cause.
Lewis was a strange character with a troubled life but also many successes and achievements: an eight-year-old son of whom he was proud; a nearly completed device that would be able to stop earthquakes; a time machine that allowed one to travel into the future for twenty seconds; many objects of varying type and importance; and the Cloud Buster, which was practically complete.

Whom to present his inventions to, how to present them, how to be sure that no one would put these resources to terrible use? Those things mattered little right now. Before overcoming the moral difficulties, he had to deal with the practical ones, namely testing and improving, making reliable machines that were not dangerous to operate. It had been with one such prototype of a machine to control earthquakes that he had seen his wife die. During the testing process, Jenny, a scientist like him, had lost her life in an explosion. Lewis had not been able to come to terms with the event, and the pain grew when he saw in his son's eyes the look of his mother.

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As a result of this tragic experience, during tests on the Cloud Buster, he decided to be alone in his bunker and to leave his son in the laboratory in Montauk (a small nearby town) with his new partner, who was also a scientist. Elzebeth Tesla was not happy having to give up attending the experiments, but she loved the little boy (Tobias Higgins on his birth certificate, but known to everyone as Tachy, a shortened form of "tachyon") very much and respected his father's wishes. Nevertheless, she was able to be attend the events via monitor. Nothing could happen to them ten metres underground in a bunker that was identical in every way to the one where the experiment would take place and that had every comfort; as well as the time machine, there was ample food, a CD player, all kinds of video games for Tachy...More info:

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System Requirements :

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: 2.0 GHZ processor
HD free space: 1.5 GB
Video card: 1 GB DirectX 9.0

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