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iCorrect for Photoshop

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iCorrect OneClick/EditLab/Portrait v.2.0 for Photoshop


OneClick is designed to make the task of color correction as easy and fast as possible.

With a single click on any neutral color (black, white or gray), you can instantly correct the white balance and the exposure of any digital photo. OneClick automatically removes any color cast, corrects the tonal range, adjusts the overall brightness, and makes any photo more vivid and life-like.

OneClick will automatically:
- Remove any color cast by correcting the white balance.
- Correct the tonal range by making the darkest colors black and the lightest colors white.
- Correct the exposure by adjusting the overall brightness
- Adjust the saturation
- Sharpen Image

With iCorrect OneClick's easy-to-use controls, you can:
- Fine-tune the exposure and recover extra detail by independently adjusting:
- Overall Brightness,
- Shadows, and
- Highlights.
- Color Tint
- Color Temperature

Create more vivid, life-like photos by easily boosting:
- Contrast and
- Saturation

iCorrect EditLab Pro
Powered by PictoColor Software's unique SmartColor Technology, iCorrect EditLab Pro enables all types of digital photographers to quickly enhance their photos using innovative tools designed for speed, efficiency and accuracy. From precise selective enhancements using HueSelect Control Points to global SmartColor adjustments that improve the entire image, iCorrect EditLab Pro lets you spend more time behind your camera and less time in front of your computer.

Frustration-Free Color Correction with Professional Results
The hallmark of iCorrect EditLab Pro is its SmartColor Technology. The term SmartColor actually encompasses two distinct, yet related features. First, the SmartColor button provides an auto-correction function by analyzing the photo and making initial adjustments to color balance, tonal range, exposure, and saturation. Second, it refers to the way the underlying technology handles color and light in such a way that preserves and protects any adjustments you make as you progress through the the four tool sets.. iCorrect EditLab Pro has four color editing tools arranged in a particular sequence. The tool sets are designed in such a way that as you progress from left to right, any changes you make with one tool will not, and in fact cannot, affect any of the changes made with any of the tools to its left. This alleviates the common frustration of correcting for one thing while throwing off another - aka "chasing your tail" syndrome.

PictoColor iCorrect Portrait
Point-and-Click White Balance, Exposure, and Skin Tone Correction
iCorrect Portrait is the fastest and easiest way to make every portrait more life-like. With just a few clicks, you can instantly correct the white balance, exposure, and skin tone of any portrait. With iCorrect Portrait, you can easily remove any color cast, correct the tonal range, adjust the brightness and contrast, and give every skin tone the color of life.

Point-and-Click Color Correction
- Automatically set black point and white point
- Easily adjust brightness and contrast
- Automatically correct color balance, skin tones, and other colors with just a click!
- Time saving workflow options and custom settings

Time-Saving Features, User-definable custom settings
- Save corrections as Custom Settings and apply the same correction to multiple images.
- Launch iCorrect Portrait to start with Custom Settings or Previous Settings as a starting point for large jobs.
- Add your own custom Memory Colors to suit your preferences or add backgrounds, team colors, and other items.
- Record iCorrect Portrait into an Action for automated workflows.

The list of the included plugins:
- iCorrect OneClick 2.0 for Photoshop
- iCorrect EditLab Pro 6.0 for Photoshop
- iCorrect Portrait 2.0 for Photoshop

Homepage :

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PictoColor iCorrect Photoshop Plug-in Suite (30.09.2013)-FOSI : 25.66 MB

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