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Delete Duplicate Files

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Delete Duplicate Files v Final

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Delete Duplicate Files is a tool for deleting duplicated files from the hard drives. Comparing large number of files by content is the kind of operation that may require considerable amount of system resources. Use Resources Consumption settings to tweak that usage so it can blend nicely into your current system environment.

Process Priority:
To increase the amount of CPU time dedicated to Delete Duplicate Files increase the Process Priority Class to High or Real-time.

Threads Priority:
To increase the amount of CPU time dedicated to individual threads increase the Process Priority Class to High or Real-time.

Scanning Speed:
Set scanning speed to Slow if you want Delete Duplicate Files to give more of it's (system assigned) CPU time to other applications (and run slower scans), or to Fast to have it consume 90% (and more) of available system CPU time (and run faster scans). If you plan to extensively use other applications while the scan is in progress, set scanning speed to Slow or Moderate.

Maximum Number of Concurrent Threads:
Large number of concurrent threads speeds up the operations but increases the memory consumption. If current operations consume too much or your available working memory lower down this number. If you have plenty of working memory set it to the max.

Commit Memory Regions Dynamically:
Adjust how much the swap file should be expanded during the scanning operations. If the swap file size is an issue set to Off.

Here are some key features of "Delete Duplicate Files":
Two major scanning methods:
· Standard & Light.
· Standard Method: Compare files by content (byte-for-byte or CRC32 matches).
· Light Method: Compare files by name and size.
· Variety of additional comparison criteria.
· Variety of additional actions.
· Scan sub-folders option.
· Cross-folders scan option.
· Lock-folders option.
· Filters.
· Originals-Detection Rules.
· ctions to perform on duplicates: Delete, Wipe & Move.
· Comprehensive results overview.
· User friendly and intuitive graphical interface.
· Powerful performances.
· Logging.

Release Notes
Super Settings (Settings/Misc/Super Settings)
$ Administrative privileges are required for changing Super Settings.
+ Configuration files can now be stored in "current user" or "user specific" data folder.
+ Per user settings storage, when Windows Registry is used.

+ 'Prompt for Action' feature.
# Better logging.
* Add several folders to the collection via single "drag & drop".
+ Results/Close All.

Graphical Interface
+ Resizable main window.
# Settings category panes tabs. User settings reorganized.
# Folders, filters and results pop-up menus can be triggered with the "Apps" key.
## Misc tweaks and improvements.

+ Save folders across sessions.
+ When folder path is specified via command line, without additional parameters:
Check that folder / Uncheck all other folders / start scanning.
+ Now we can add drives to the collection.
+ Ignore Folders: Recycle Bin(s).

Command-Line Switches
# Now we can add multiple folders to the collection, via command line.
+ "/clearall" -> Uncheck all folders.
+ "/checkall" -> Check all folders.
+ "/stopscanning" -> Stop scanning.
+ "/delete" -> Set 'Action On Duplicates/Delete'.
+ "/shred" -> Set 'Action On Duplicates/Shred'.
+ "/move" -> Set 'Action On Duplicates/Move'.
+ "/prompt" -> Set 'Action On Duplicates/Prompt'.
+ "/results" -> Set 'Action On Duplicates/Display Results'.

Size: 2.9 Mb
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Interface: English

Delete Duplicate Files v + Keygen-FALLEN

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